Elementary School Committee Members

Monica Chopra

Monica In a world where entertainment, information and communication have taken media to another level, Monica Chopra believes media education and literacy are essential for today's youth. Monica has been teaching in the Peel District School Board since 2004. She currently teaches Science, Drama and Dance to Grade 7 students at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School in Mississauga. As her love for drama and dance converged, she began to fall more and more in love with the arts. Today she shares her passion for drama and education by coordinating the Peel Student Film Festival.

Vikram Ignatius

Vikram Vikram Ignatius currently teaches with the Peel District School Board. He produces a weekly video show at school that showcases the many activities that take place. He has an interest in the power of media and believes that it is important for individuals to learn how to create media in order to better understand that power. In his spare time he likes playing with his cats, Joey and Iggy and spending time with his family. His favourite movies are, Back To The Future, The Matrix, and Shawshank Redemption, to name a few.

Adam Bell

Adam Adam Bell is in his eleventh year with the Peel District School Board and currently teaches French and Grade 5 at James Potter Public School. He has been the man behind the camera for a number of student productions, including Honesty Man​ (and the bigger, better sequel, Honesty Girl), Teachers Dancing Behind Students, and the feature-length holiday classic, Cosmo Saves Christmas. In his spare time, he likes to make parody videos of shows like Intervention and Man vs. Wild​, quote random scenes from movies and TV shows verbatim, and exercise his bizarre sense of humour.

Matthew Ng

Matthew Matthew has been with the Peel District School Board since 2010. He currently teaches at Sir Isaac Brock Public School. Matthew loves how film and television have the ability to immerse audiences with captivating and inspiring stories. Some of his favourite films include: Interstellar, Inception, Star Wars Episode V and The Lion King. His passion for film and television have inspired him to coordinate the annual Peel Student Film Festival.

Christina Weber

Christina Christina Weber has been teaching with the Peel District School Board for over 8 years. She is a strong advocate for Arts Education and is a long time member of the Peel Dance Teachers Association. She is currently working with a passionate group of talented students who will be performing at the Peel Dance Showcase in March 2016. She appreciates the art of storytelling and enjoys creating movies with her students. As a novice, she is looking forward to learning more about the technical side of filmmaking.

Tony Borges

Tony Tony Borges has been with the Peel District School Board for over 11 years. He teaches at Sir John A. MacDonald Senior Public School. He has chaired the TV and Video challenge for The Peel Skills Challenge for the past 5 years. The Elementary Peel Film Festival is a great opportunity for Peel students to not only expand their creative abilities but also to share their achievements with others from across the Peel Board. Tony comes from a background in broadcast television as well as art mentary video productiop

Michael Bacchus

MichaelMichael Bacchus is a grade 7 teacher currently at Robert H. Lagerquist. He co-produces a weekly show which is aired to the whole school. He also has a passion for film and working with students in drama, story-telling, filming and editing. Michael enjoys watching documentaries as well as action movies and always like films about good versus evil. Some of his favorite movies include Avengers, Batman Begins, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Melanie Greaves

MelanieMelanie Greaves currently teaches at Churchville Public School and has been with the Peel District School Board since 2008. She dabbled in the past with creating real time 3D animated movies but has now turned her attentions to running the Stop Motion Animation and Primary Makerspace clubs at school. She enjoys using technology as an integrated component of her daily teaching and finds the most enjoyment when students take it upon themselves to investigate and extend their learning with those same technologies at home. She hopes to inspire students to explore their creativity and showcase their knowledge through the film making process to create works that challenge them and that they are proud of.

Terri Byrne

Terri is an ISSP teacher at Sunny View Middle School, where she has worked for the past nine years. She acts as the main point of contact with schools submitting films to the festival, including providing information, answering questions, and allocating tickets.

Event Venue

2016 Cineplex Odeon Venue

This year's Elementary Division will be screened at Cineplex Odeon at 20 Biscayne Crescent Brampton ON L6W 4S1 at intersection of Steeles Avenue East and Rutherford Road South.

Event Date

To Be Determined

The date of this year's event is Wednesday 18 May. Tickets are free however you must make reservations by contacting by email at The Peel District School Board.

Submission Deadline

Submission Deadline To Be Determined

The submissions deadline is Friday 8 April 2016. This year we will be accepting submissions via electronic file transfer. Complete details are provided on the Submissions information page.